Weed,feed and moss killer do they work?

Marketed as simple 3 in 1 lawn care products 1 easy application so why is it that professional Green keepers, grounds people and other turf care professionals often in charge of stadiums Golf courses etc with the highest profile don't use these products.

Why Do the Professionals go to the trouble of applying 3 different products using their valuable and expensive time to get the best results?

Because whether you are a Professional or an amateur your lawn needs good working practices as well as good products.

The moss should be tackled at the very beginning of the season, probably March and at the very end of the season late September to October. Essential to this process is scarification or raking out the dead lawn as soon as it turns brown or black followed by tining (making holes frequently over the whole area of Lawn at least 4 inches deep, closely followed by feeding and feeding should be at the very least 4 times in the growing season, cutting the lawn should be no lower than 25millimetres.

Weed killer needs to be a Selective weed killer ( one that is for grass areas rather than hard surfaces or borders). The key to this is to use it when the grass is actively growing rather than the minute a weed pops up its head.

Well, I will keep it brief for now I do not know a single Professional who uses the 3 in 1 products but I will be keen to know what you think or even if you feel you have had success using a 3 in 1 product by signing up for my

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Best wishes and keep safe. Follow the Covid 19 advice - Social distancing - only essential journeys - help our country to save lives.


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