February 2021 Blog for the Start of the Season.

We hope that 2021 may be vastly different from 2020 with the roll out of the Vaccination programme, I had my vaccination on the 28th January.

The inconvenience of Covid 19 restrictions has been followed by a rain soaked Autumn 2020 and a very wet start to 2021 but with a lot of mild temperatures, a perfect recipe for disease in the lawn.


The grass in most lawn is looking like a sick person, weak and washed out in the main. There is a simple remedy Give the lawn a good feed of Lawn Magic as soon as we have a forecast of 10 + degree temperatures for a period of 5 days or more. At this temperature the roots will be active enough to take up the LM which will give the grass colour and strength this will help your lawn to flourish as we get more power in the Sun and longer daylight at mother natures’ right time.

The important thing is to do some remedial work and good practice precisely what the Professionals do.

Scarify or rake the lawn AFTER you have applied a moss control product such as Moss Magic start on the higher cut.

3 days after scarification apply Lawn Magic. Wait for 2 weeks to see recovery in the places where moss has been removed. You will be surprised how the patches recover in the 2 weeks.

If you have the energy make some holes in the Lawn to aerate the roots these holes should be at least 4 inches deep and if using a garden fork use a ‘straight in’ straight out action. This is very important.

At this stage you should overseed any bare or thin patches using our top quality grass seed at about 30grams per square metre. Feed about every 4 weeks in the late Spring/Summer.

Your first cut of the season should not be a severe cut and ensure the blades are clean and sharp.

At the first sign of hot/dry weather ensure the lawn des not dry out. Always soak the lawn as late in the day as possible.

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Please pass on our web details to your friends and take advantage of p&p on multi buys to share with friends relatives or colleagues. Anyone can purchase up to 4 x 5 litre bottles in any combination of Lawn Magic, Moss Magic and Plant Magic paying only 1 p&p if sent to 1 address in Mainland uk.

Take care and stay safe


‘NEW’ Presents for relatives or friends? can now be sent direct to their address just put their delivery address on your order.

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