Lawn Care Seasonal topic "Dry patch" 27th May 2020

In periods of drought the lawn can become very patchy turning brown in places to the point where much of the grass appears to be dead and in actual fact the grass sward is dead but the roots are not necessarily dead.

A good test is to push something like a key into a green part of the lawn, feel how easy the key is pushed in and then push the key into a brown patch and you will feel the difference in resistance is obvious.

Don’t panic the remedy in the main is simple the lawn needs a really good soaking but as you soak the lawn the brown areas (dry patch) will not readily accept the water and it will drain off the surface onto the green part which will absorb the water.

We need to spike the dead patches with a fork to a depth of 4/6 inches in a straight, in straight out action, then thoroughly soak the lawn you could apply a wetting agent at this stage. You will be surprised how much the lawn will recover, of course prevention is better than cure.

To help prevent dry patch. At the beginning of the season apply Moss magic to the lawn, then scarify or rake out the dead moss and thatch followed by spiking as above this will allow Oxygen and water to get to the roots. Keep the lawn watered especially when a continued spell of dry hot weather is forecast.

Avoid watering in the heat of the day the best time is in the late evening

Lawn Magic does contain a wetting agent which breaks the surface tension of the developing crust so a separate application of a wetting should not be necessary if you have followed the preventative measures above.

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Hope this is helpful

Keep safe and continue to social distance, save lives.

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