What our customers have to say . . . 

"During my time as manager of the waterloo bowling green I formed a relationship with Growing Solutions, this relationship has continued in my new bowls promotion. The products supplied are of top quality and now many of the top clubs throughout the country are using them to enhance their surface. Nursery BC & Grange BC Stockport, Wharton Cons Cheshire, Dukes Park BC Bridlington, and many more are finding how superb the results are for such reasonably priced products"

Jimmy Parker, Former Waterloo Bowls Manager.

"I have used only Plant Magic on everything in my allotment this year 2006, with wonderful results. Apart from the super veg and flowers I can't believe how colourful and disease free the foliage is. This is the best product I have ever used in all my years of growing"

Arthur, Pelsall, West Midlands

" Well done to John and Irene Brown who won the Severnside gardens competition and thanks for sending in this stunning picture. What a partnership!

This duo used the Garden Wizard’s Plant Magic and Lawn Magic. "

The Waterloo is looked upon as the 'Wembley' of Crown green bowling.

"We have always had problems with shade from the stands and from the massive numbers of people playing the green day in day out from March until September/October.
Since we have been using Lawn Magic we have far fewer problems and I am delighted with the results and the technical help we get from the Garden Wizard Company"

Waterloo manager Jim Parker

"I bought a 1 litre lawn magic last year and just finished it off two weeks ago.


The results on moss riddled clay soil turf have been very successful"

Graeme Bridgeford, 9th June 2008

"I started using Lawn Magic last year (2006) and it made an instant improvement to a lawn the turf for which had been laid only the year before. During the course of the Summer it was applied every four weeks and improved the density of growth and colour. It is certainly the very best lawn food I have come across and I would recommend it without reservation."

John Hall, Frinton-on-Sea