About Us

We are a family run business focussed on quality of product and service. We manufacture our own products at our new state of the art premises. A purpose built 10,000sq ft warehouse allowing us to expand and meet our client’s needs now and, in the future, which is now fully operational and will provide business stability for many years to come.

Our History

We started in very humble beginnings back in 1997 trading as Just In Time Solutions. We mainly served the Agricultural and Horticultural sectors, supplying bulk loads to distributorships. Over the past 10 years we have developed products for the amenity market (Sportsturf) initially working with a few small sporting venues to gain and understand the Sports turf market. We are very proud to still serve these original venues to this day.

Around 2010 we started to penetrate the Sports turf market, we did this in a very slow controlled manner and developed our business around the North West of England working with excellent Grounds people and Green keepers to bring our new innovative products to the market.

Business grew and became really strong by 2012, we were quickly (growing, pun intended) and had started to work with green keepers and grounds people all over the North West and further afield.

Future trial area.JPG

We purchased a small 13 acre farm in 2015 to allow us the space to develop in the future. During 2016 we invested the profits from past years and developed the buildings to allow the business to move forward. The site also has 13 acres of land which we will eventually develop for trial purposes.


We have developed our Super Professional Products Lawn Magic and Plant Magic for the home user/Amateur gardener using the same technology with great results.


Plant Magic is our flagship product for Flowers, soft and top fruit, vegetables, also suitable for ericaceous plants, citrus etc. This formulation is widely used by vineyards and horticulture in general.

Our ethos is to make gardening as easy as possible for the Amateur user in terms of feed/fertiliser giving you best results possible.

Meet the team

Peter Benson - Sales Director.jpg


Co Founder and Sales Director

  • Secondary Education

  • Sports enthusiast, Rugby League, Football, Golf, Horse racing etc virtually any competitive sport.

  • Former ultra distance fell runner (over the hill now) what a pun.

  • Enjoys the success of the company and working with my family (3 generations) also enjoys trying to offer the best customer service.

Kevin Simpson - Technical Manager.jpg


Technical Director (Grandson)

  • Family member who has been with us for 15 years.

  • An avid sports enthusiast who is still young enough to play fooball ( not very well).

  • Is a prolific father, 3 sons so the future looks bright for continuity of the business!!!

Jane Simpson - Office Manager.jpg


Office Manager (Kevin's Mum)

  • 8 years as office Manager and is responsible for many things around the office, Jane will answer your calls and book your deliveries amongst many other things.

  • Loves partner Paul and her Labrador Bonnie (not necessarily in that order.

  • Loves to spend time walking in Scotland, Wales and England and has climbed the highest mountain in each of those countries.

Christine Benson - Finance Manager.jpg


Finance Manager (Peter's Wife)

  • 10 years with the company, a lovely person until she sends you the invoices!!

  • A prolific long distance walker over the mountains in any conditions in the UK and has completed 100 milers and long distance footpaths, Christine has climbed all the major mountains.

  • Responsible for accounts and book keeping and never seems to be bored (ah em..)

  • She makes sure we have a secure cash flow and keeps me in line!!

Daniel Benson - Production Manager.jpg


Production Manager (Grandson)

  • 11 years service. Another football enthusiast and coach

  • Another prolific father!! 1 son and 2 daughters as with Kevin he is doing his bit for continuity of the business.

  • Dan plays a very important role and is responsible for the manufacture of our liquids as well as ensuring quality control of packages to ensure they are dispatched safely to our customers.