Image by Darion Queen

How to use Moss Magic

1L of Moss Magic covers 100sqm of grass

5L of Moss Magic covers 500sqm of grass


Step 1. Apply Moss Magic. Simple to apply by watering can, cover the whole area of the lawn this will kill off the moss and harden the grass that is left. The moss will turn dark brown or even black.

Step 2. After 4/5 days or when the moss has turned a very dark colour use a manual lawn rake or hire a scarifier from your local tool hire shop to vigorously remove all the dead moss. After this the lawn will look a mess but don't worry, the new grass will soon begin to fill out the gaps. This will give the quickest result but if you do not wish to scarify or rake then the dead moss will disappear, but it will take a few months and more than one application

Step 3. Immediately after removing the dead moss fork the lawn around every 12 inches to allow air into the roots. Around 4 inches deep.

Step 4. Sprinkle a top dressing over the lawn when the lawn is dry and sweep the dressing into the holes you have made with the fork. (This can be a standard top dressing available from all garden centres or large stores).

Step 5. Apply your feed of Lawn Magic and within 2 weeks the lawn will show dramatic recovery.

Step 6. Any areas that are not beginning to fill can be simply re-seeded, a good tip is to place your seed into standard general compost at the rate of approximately 2 parts compost (moistened) to 1-part seed overnight to help soften the seed casing leading to quicker germination.

Step 7. Apply Lawn Magic once during October and November to ensure your grass is strong and healthy for the winter. Lawn Magic can then be applied every 2/4 weeks March to September. Using Lawn Magic will help against fungal diseases.