How to use Lawn Magic

In very dry weather it is best to water the lawn before applying Lawn Magic so that the product permeates to the roots. It is a good idea to spike the lawn - again to allow air and moisture to the roots.

If you are using Lawn Magic for the first time you will notice that some areas will turn brown fairly quickly this is because those patches are moss patches. When the moss turns brown you can either rake the dead moss out and the grass will be able to fill out the space or you can leave the dead moss, and this will dry out and blow away- over a period of time.


Application steps for each 10sqm:

Step 1. Shake the bottle of Lawn Magic

Step 2. Fill a watering can with 100ml of Lawn Magic and 5L of water

Step 3. Cover the 10sqm area with a quick sweeping motion

If you are unable to cover the area quickly and you need to apply it at a slower pace, then use a larger watering can with more water.

You can also use our Spray Applicator to cover the area.

Each 100ml of Lawn Magic covers approx. 10sqm. Filling the Spray Applicator to 600ml will allow you to cover approx. 50sqm because the last 100ml of Lawn Magic may not leave the applicator bottle. Whichever method you choose to use the key is to remember 100mls Lawn Magic for each 10sqm of lawn.


If time is an issue you can use these two products at the same time but for best results we would advise you follow the 7 Steps as it is best to apply the Moss Magic first, rake/scarify and then immediately apply Lawn Magic.

Steps to use at the same time:
Step 1. Shake both bottles of Lawn Magic and Moss Magic

Step 2. Fill your watering can with water add 100 ml of Lawn Magic fertiliser followed by 100ml Moss Magic fertiliser.

Step 3. Apply the full watering can to approx. 10 square metres (3 strides x 4 strides).


Within 2/3 days the moss will turn a dark colour you will then need to rake the dead moss out or scarify. This will give the quickest result. If you do not scarify or rake the dead moss it will disappear, but it will take a few months and more than one application. Within 10/14 days the area vacated by the moss will have started to fill out with grass. If you find bare patches you may need to over seed.