Moss Magic FAQs

Is Moss Magic only for Moss in Lawns?

Yes it is for use on grass only, not for hard sufaces

Best time to apply Moss Magic

Late Autumn or early Spring

Does Moss Magic stain hard surfaces such as fancy Patios, Paving fencing etc.?

Yes please ensure that Moss Magic does not spill onto the above surfaces and be aware that you may tread this via your footwear

Will Moss magic damage my plants?

In most weather conditions no but be careful around plants

Is Moss Magic Pet and wildlife friendly?

Yes when diluted as per the instructions Just allow 1 hour for the Moss Magic to dry off before introducing pets

When the Moss turns black will I need to scarify or rake the dead moss out?

Yes, lightly scarify the lawns to remove the dead moss many of the patches of bare lawn will recover in a matter of a few days. Any patches that do not fully recover within 2 weeks will need to be over seeded.

Does Moss Magic have any other added value to the grass?

Yes it contains nutrients and will harden the grass against disease especially after the late Autumn application and throughout the Winter. It will also improve the colour of the grass.