KickStart FAQs

What is Kickstart?

It is an organic based soil improvement system.

Is it safe for Children Pets and wildlife

Yes but in the case of Children always store out of reach

When do I use it?

Whenever you are planting or transferring shrubs/fruit trees etc. oOe treatment will last a full year.

Is it for use on lawns as well?

Yes in the early Spring or late Autumn punch holes at least 4 inches deep all over your lawn then when the day is dry put a light covering of Kickstart and sweep it into the holes you may then want to do the same with SHARP sand not building sand. You may want to ask Peter for a more in depth description using the facility on the web site. iIf you are having a new lawn laid it is used by top Sports facilities at renovation each season.

Will it help establish and preserve the root system?

Yes it is specifically helpful for establishment and health of tthe root system